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post your prompts / make some fills
write / art
yadda yadda blah blah
do whatever the hell else you want!
but follow the rules ofc ಠ_ಠ

Re: dog days, NC-17

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Re: dog days, NC-17

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dog days, NC-17 (2/?)

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Re: dog days, NC-17 (3/?)

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myname, junq/insoo, tutu fetish

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junq monica lewinskying all over insoo's tutu. mutual complimenting similar to "beyonce could never have abs like u, hyung" and "ur the most handsome camel ive ever seen, jayz nugu" is strongly encouraged

Re: myname, junq/insoo, tutu fetish

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i don't get the references enough to write fic but i think i'll be back wiht a pic of insoo in a tutu for you later anon :)

Re: myname, junq/insoo, tutu fetish

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Re: myname, junq/insoo, tutu fetish

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Re: myname, junq/insoo, tutu fetish

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bangtan, jimin/jungkook, facial

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jungkook sucks jimin's dick and jimin (sort of accidentally, but not really) comes on his face

got7, bam bam

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bam bam's actually the love guru of got7 and everyone comes to him with their love problems. anything goes pairing wise/non pairing wise idk how about bam bam giving love advice in got7's living room

bambam the truth bringer, pg-13 (ig?)

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i'm sorry #itried

“all right! i’m gonna drop all the honorifics for the moment,” bambam the love master said, closing his eyes and bending his legs into the lotus position. yugyeom facepalmed, while the other five boys just stared at him with some snorts and chuckles included.
“JACKSON!” bambam suddenly yelled, making the said boy jump and spit some multilingual curses. “whatareyoudoingyoulittleshi— yes, master?” jackson sat upright, trying so hard to look so serious that he almost went cross-eyed.
bambam sharply turned his head to him and without opening his eyes, spoke in a faux deep voice, “your burberry cologne might help you get some, but work on your hyena laugh or you’ll be plagued with one night stands.” everyone burst out into a big laugh, except for youngjae, who was too busy writing notes and looking concentrated. jackson’s face turned angry red, stuffing jb’s mouth with a sock from sheer annoyance.
“jaebum,” again, that ominous voice. jb froze, the sock still in his mouth as he waited for bambam to continue. “you try too hard, then get angry when things don’t go your way. also, i don’t know why you’re laughing, we all know why your previous relationship failed.”
jb’s eyes grew 7 sizes, spitting the sock aside and lunging forward, “THAT’S NOT FAIR, YOU TOOK AN OATH—“ his screaming prompting the rest of the boys to hold him back.
“i did, but what’s the point when i was the last one to know?” bambam’s eyes suddenly went wide open, throwing imaginary daggers into jb’s face, who still struggled to calm down. “that’s what you get for not trusting your love master. you already know why shit went wrong anyway, you don’t need my advice. next! who’s next? since everybody knows youngjae is a virgin who can’t drive-“ youngjae opened his mouth to complain, but closed it right away- “let’s get to jinyoung. ahhhh, the luckiest one from all of us. you got mark between your sheets, but you both thought it wasn’t enough and invited another dick into your bed. how greedy. like apostle luke hyungr said, beware of greed or it can be your downfall. though… was it really the burberry, or something else?”
this time, three faces turned red. everybody knew bambam was speaking the truth, so instead of arguing, they all sat in silence, until jinyoung piped up, “it was the dirty talk diversity.” that just made jb even more pressed and he barked, “does my dirty talk suck, then??? i even learned dirty spanish for you!” jb’s complaints were completely drowned out with jackson’s laugh, who hollered, “your spanish sounds like russian after a bottle of vodka! nothing beats french with canto accent, right, jinyoung?” he winked suggestively at his embarrassed boyfriend, who tried to hide himself behind the other boyfriend cackling at the whole situation.
bambam cleared his throat. “keep that shit to yourself, you kinky bastards. since yugyeom gets a different kind of love advice from me, i’m done for today. please hold jb until i’m at least 20 feet away from here. thanks!” he quickly stood up, disappearing with the speed of light. jb immediately went after him, foaming at the mouth and soon, cries of ‘hyung, it was a joke! i don’t wanna clean the toilet!!!!’ could be heard from every corner of the dorm, creating enough entertainment for the rest of the day.

Re: bambam the truth bringer, pg-13 (ig?)

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Re: bambam the truth bringer, pg-13 (ig?)

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Re: bambam the truth bringer, pg-13 (ig?)

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Re: bambam the truth bringer, pg-13 (ig?)

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Re: bambam the truth bringer, pg-13 (ig?)

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Re: bambam the truth bringer, pg-13 (ig?)

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bap, himch/the kids

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the younger members try to cheer up umma himch after the banghim divorce

you could exclude jello if you want since it seemed people thought he would be the one siding with bang

infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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i have no regrets for this terrible idea could there be someguy with the catboy trope having to do something he doesn't want to do. or him just being a lazy ass cat????


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i don't know what this is, maybe not actually what you wanted

sunggyu really regrets ever saying yes to looking after hojong's pet cat. he's met the cat a few times before and it was very well behaved. never jumping on the furniture, eating the food that jongie makes him and takes his baths when told. so how is it that he now has a lap full of a gigantic catboy playing pokemon who hasn't bathed in two days and refuses to eat anything but fried chicken and chocolate?


"yeol? sungyeol? let's take a bath hmm? it's been a few days since you've bathed. don't you feel dirty?" always best to try to be polite first.

"nah it's cool, i've licked myself clean"



"cats clean themselves by licking at their bodies therefore i've licked myself clean. i'm clean"

"everywhere? i'm pretty sure you can't lick your back or....other places" stopstopstop don't imagine things gyu.

"ok, maybe not my back, but my most important bits are clean, so i don't really feel dirty. i'll just take a proper bath before my masters come pick me up. you cool?"

omigawd, no, what? whatwhatwhat? stopstopstop! do not go there, don't ask. don'taskdon'taskdon'task.

"no i'm not really cool. can i see how you clean yourself? you know hoya and jongie did ask me to take care of you and i need to make sure you're actually clean." what are you doing mouth? did you not listen to brain?

"hmm...sure. masters always watch when i clean myself anyway. but can we do it on your bed? it's more comfy than doing it on the couch or the floor and i feel really tired after."

this is a mistake gyu don't do it.

"sure, save your game and let's go" mouth stop talking!


sunggyu really regrets looking after hojong's pet cat, but he also kinda really wants to look after him again.

Re: pg13?

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Re: pg13?

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Re: pg13?

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bathtime r

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Re: bathtime r

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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Sunggyu doesn't need a cat boy. He isn't lonely or horny or a slob. He's perfectly content with his life the way it is. At least he thinks so, until he passes the pet shop on the way home and there's a neon pink sign in the window with the word 'NEW' written in sketch lettering. He's never been interested in taking care of something that wouldn't eventually become independent. But he's also never seen the pet shop advertising something other than it's pitiful selection of animals. He enters the small shop and has to adjust to the odd odor.

"Welcome to pet planet, we apologize for the smell we've recently started to carry cat hybrids in our store." So that's what the smell and sign were about.

"I'd like to see your hybrids." The clerks face lights up and he nods enthusiastically before stepping out from behind the counter and leading Sunggyu to display.

"They're all stuck in their cat form, it's a defense mechanism you know. Probably nervous about this new place. But in their human form, they're all male, all well behaved and all very handsome." The last part of the statement he says with a quirked eyebrow.

Sunggyu is quick to shake his hands in protest of any thoughts the clerk might have about his interest. He just wanted to see the cats because of the sign, but he didn't admit that it was an unremarkable sign. That wouldn't attract any attention. Sunggyu just wanted to see the cats but after a conversation with the clerk and playing with the cats he's at the cash register making a purchase of a lot more than he thought it would be. "You better be worth it, you expensive little shit." Sunggyu mutters under his breath, carrier in one hand and bag of goodies for new pet owners in the other.

"Your name is Woohyun?" Sunggyu looks at the cat tilting his head trying to see if the name suits him. He shrugs unable to come up with another alternative.

The first week is rough Woohyun wants to sleep in his bed and eat human food and won't play with any of the toys Sunggyu bought. But he's also funny when he's afraid to fall off the couch behaving as if the small drop will damage him. Or when he jumps into Sunggyu's lap when they watch talent shows, because applause freaks him out. Sunggyu is just getting used to his feline friend when he comes home from work to the sight of an adult man, naked and seated on his sofa. Sunggyu approaches slowly trying to get a look at the man before he sees him.

"Oh hello master. I would like clothing, I would have dressed myself but it seemed rude to enter your room without permission." Woohyun's voice is calm and his smile is cute and the pet shop clerk was right he was well behaved and attractive.

catboy, pg

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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purpose, pg

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Re: purpose, pg

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Re: purpose, pg

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bap, youngjae/zelo, ALMOST underage sex

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the only present jello wants for his 18th bday is to lose his ~virginity at 00:00 on the dot, and with youngj... but will j oblige? it's left up to you to decide, o writer

party, r

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Zelo wants a very chill birthday, his friends, a few drinks, some music and maybe a nice meal. If everyone isn't whining about how broke they are and trying to pin the tab on someone. That is all he requires for a good time to bring in his eighteenth year.

That is until he sees Youngjae at the magazine shoot, shirtless, glistening and probably going commando under the jeans he's wearing. Then he starts wanting so much more. He realizes he's staring when he sees a few women on the staff laughing at him. He walks off and goes to make a wish to whoever brings little girls ponies on their birthdays or an xbox to poor kids.

A week later it's his birthday and after dinner the plan is to drink at this bar his friends frequently, owner doesn't care about underage drinking as long as there are a few girls for him to gawk at. Zelo has the guest list all figured out. He had been trying to bring the party up to Youngjae all week but each time the other got distracted, or he got distracted and here it was an hour before the festivities and he hadn't invited him yet.

He goes into the restaurant bathroom to call. A few rings and the other male picks up. "I was having dinner with a few friends for my birthday, if you're not busy maybe you could stop by." The other takes a while to respond before he agrees. Zelo gives him the location all while smiling and he's thankful that he didn't ask him face to face and risk looking like an idiot.

Youngjae shows up half way through dinner but by then almost everyone is drunk anyway and Zelo doubts they're going to make it to the bar with out collapsing into a pile on the street. Youngjae refused any alcohol and instead started everyone on reminscing on the birthdays they had spent with Zelo. After the 3rd tripping face first into the cake story Zelo is over it and suggest heading to the bar.

The walk there Youngjae and Zelo hang back and talk. Zelo is intoxicated but not stumbling drunk so he leans comfortably into Youngjae without leaning his entire body weight on him. His face is hot both from the alcohol and the fact that he's covering every part of his body aside from his eyes to make sure he isn't caught on this outing.

After more drinking and a fierce debate over who was rejected by the unremarkable girl in middle school someone suggesting heading back to one of his friend's apartments to break out the lie detector. Everyone is too drunk to disagree so once again they're off in the night. Zelo is being carried, by a girl no less, the soles of his shoes dragging against the ground and Youngjae knows they cause quite a bit of money so he offers to carry him instead.

Youngjae thinks Zelo is passed out or sleeping but is surprised when he starts mumbling against his neck. It tickles but he doesn't mind it and just sets him down in the elevator. The lie detector game is short lived before the lights go down and the music starts playing and everyone pairs off in corners off the room. Youngjae thinks it's awkward but doesn't mind Zelo sleeping in his lap.

At least he didn't mind until he felt a hand under his shirt, and Zelo fumbling with his jeans. He wonders where it's coming from, but decides not to draw attention to them with everyone else present. "Up." Zelo whispers and Youjae raises his hips and tugs his pants down a little before sitting down again. Zelo is stroking him and it's something about doing teh audience that is arousing. Youngjae thinks he's just getting a hand job until he feels the other pushing his shirt up and lips against the tip.

By the time he's close to orgasm Youngjae is biting the armrest and has his hands clasped tightly together in an effort to keep from letting out a sound. When he comes Zelo licks him clean and he wonders if it's actually his birthday. The other male climbs into his lap kissing his neck before whispering. "Fuck me." And Youngjae looks at him like he's insane. A discreet blowjob in a room full of strangers is one thing, sex is another. "You're drunk." Youngjae says gently pushing him off his lap. Only to lean into his ear and whisper. "Maybe for christmas."

sorry if this is totally ooc, i know nothing about them ;;

Re: party, r

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got7, jb/youngjae

(Anonymous) 2014-07-24 12:43 am (UTC)(link)
jb and young7 arguing over bed positions and or maybe snapshots of them waking up in horriblely amazing positions

infinite, hoya

(Anonymous) 2014-07-24 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
i would like something with hoyar being pressed while in a restaurant after the waiter spills something in his lap. this sounds like a jdrama
or maybe there could be art with hoyar's :| face

Re: infinite, hoya

(Anonymous) 2014-07-26 12:58 pm (UTC)(link)

can't write so quick and dirty sketch
hope you enjoy hoyar's face as jongie pats down his lap

Re: infinite, hoya

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bap/other, yongguk, himchan/yongnam

(Anonymous) 2014-07-28 12:12 am (UTC)(link)
bang tries to deal with himchan dating his twin.

Re: bap/other, yongguk, himchan/yongnam

(Anonymous) 2014-07-30 06:45 pm (UTC)(link)
It was strange, almost a bit like seeing himself kissing his bandmate. Not that he had ever thought his identical brother looked exactly like him. In Yongguk's mind they were both as distinct as fraternal brothers could be. Yet, why did he keep toying with the idea in his mind that it was him instead of Yongnam making out with Himchan on the latter's bed?

When he first found out Himchan was into guys he wasn't bothered by the revelation itself but rather by the flutter he felt in his stomach. It was a familiar flutter he had felt only a few times in his life like when he met Jiyeon. They had gone out and it was going great but something did not feel quite right, just like in all his prior relationships. He hadn't gone out with any other girl since her. Everyone had said they were perfect together. Even Daehyun who rarely said anything to Yongguk at all dared to slip the compliment one day when he saw them going out to lunch together. He didn't know why he could never make it last and that had always been a problem in his love life.

"Are you going to keep staring at us bro?" said Yongnam startling his brother from his thoughts. "You two should find somewhere to do that instead of the room we share," Yongguk said staring at Himchan. "I like the comfort of my own red silk sheets what can I say?" he responded with a smirk.
"Hey Yongguk we're going out in five you coming?" Youngjae hollered from the hallway bathroom. Next thing they knew he was at Yongguk and Himchan's doorway pulling his tee on and shaking his still wet hair from the shower he just took. Yongnam couldn't help taking an extended glance of the fresh off the shower body. Himchan never failed to notice Yongnam's wandering eye and frowned at him as he usually did.

"Oh... hi Yongnam," Youngjae said awkwardly.
"Hi Prince Jae."
"That nickname again," thought Youngjae, "so Bang are you going?"
"I don't think so i'm going to have fun of the intimate sort with the bf tonight," answered Yongnam and swiftly placed a kiss on the temple of a still frowning Himchan.
"You know who I meant," answered Youngjae with a sardonic look.
"Ah, I like how your mouth twists up like that when you get pissy Prince Jae."
"Bye," answered said pissy prince.
"Hold up I'm coming too," Yongguk muttered.

The night air was brisk and refreshing as the four stepped out unto it.
"Daehyun why do you wear those pants all the time?" Youngjae asked.
"That's the zillionth time you have asked me that but I guess I'll tell you. These, he said with a flourish of his hands over the pants, are my "get lucky" pants."
"Haha you have got to be kidding me."
"No joke I score every time I wear them."
"Really?" Jongup asked.
"Yes, really, and it just so happens I have gotten with the best looking chicks when I've happened to wear them."

All the while Yongguk kept thinking about the two they had left behind in his room. It was something he both didn't want to think about yet couldn't help to think about. When they got to Club Midnight Yongguk went directly to the bar while Daehyun and Youngjae made a beeline to a couple of girls they spotted dancing with each other in the middle of the dance floor. Jongup stood on the dance floor swaying to the beat waiting for his dancer friends who were to meet up with him in a half hour. As Yongguk sipped his drink he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. "Himchan" flashed the screen. "Hello." "Hey, can we go get a coffee or something?" "Right now?" "Yes, right now please." Yongguk was surprised at the tone of voice and much more at the word "please" he had come to think the word was unknown in Himchan's vocabulary.

Twenty minutes later they were facing one another sitting at a small table in Rising Sun cafe."I shouldn't have gotten that angry at your brother," Himchan said chuckling to himself. "But it wasn't cause of the way he looked at Youngjae tonight. He does that crap all the time with different guys and I don't care. I mean if anything I think it's hot. The truth is I couldn't stop thinking about you and the reason as to why you stared at us."

"Did I really stare that long?" asked Yongguk.
"You have a really strong gaze."
"Huh… you do too." Yongguk said making a crooked smile.
"So I made a fuss to get away from him though I'm not going to lie it does bother the ol' ego whenever he flirts with other people."
"Why did you want to get away from him?"
"Well, I can't fuck him while I'm thinking about his brother."
"It wouldn't be a stretch."
"Yeah but you two are completely different." He's very chill, flirtatious... while you are well, you.
"What am I?" Yongguk said as Himchan closed the distance between them.
"Well you are the strong silent type, reserved, talented, a true go-getter. Everything I admire in a man and I'm sorry to say your brother has none of those qualities."
"Then why are you with him?"
"Well, like you said it's not a stretch… were you jealous?"
"Of what?"
"Of your brother kissing me. Were you standing there imagining it was you instead of him?"
Yongguk's head had been bowed down the whole time staring at his coffee cup. Lifting his head up slightly looking up beneath his bangs he answered, "what if I said yes?"

a/n: i felt all kind of awk writing this but there it is

Re: bap/other, yongguk, himchan/yongnam

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Re: bap/other, yongguk, himchan/yongnam

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Everything Is Totally Normal

(Anonymous) 2014-08-01 10:29 pm (UTC)(link)
(sorry this is stupid and tediously long and plays a bit too much with sjw bbang)


Himchan had been dating Yongnam for just shy of two weeks and Yongguk was completely okay with the situation.

He loved his brother and Himchan was his band member and good friend. If they were happy, he was happy. It was all totally normal. Yongguk had been quick to show his support; it was the right thing to do, him being liberal and all. He'd even read books on the matter of homosexuality and was from a relatively open-minded family, he'd grown up being taught that discriminating against others was wrong.

When Yongnam had first confided in Yongguk that he was attracted to men, Yongguk had admittedly been a mite surprised. Yongnam was the elder twin, the more confident twin, who unlike Yongguk, had no issue when it came to attracting girls. Yongguk wasn't one to stereotype, but Yongnam had never seemed gay. Not that there was nothing wrong with that.

Yongnam had had boyfriends before Himchan, Yongguk knew, but he'd never really had the chance to meet them before. He'd trained for so long and been so far away from home that he'd never really had the time for that. Now that Yongnam was staying at the dorm for a few weeks whilst B.A.P had a short break and crashing in Yongguk’s room, however, he had the opportunity to witness his brother not only with a boyfriend, but a boyfriend who Yongguk already knew.

It wasn't weird that it was Himchan, either (even if Himchan was kind of loud and naggy and annoying at times, he seemed to make Yongnam happy.). It wasn't weird to see them kissing or have Himchan mention how hot his brother was. His twin brother. His Identical twin brother.

Yongguk was so down with that.

“It’s not a big deal,” He told Jongup one day, when the two of them had been alone in the kitchen and Yongguk was pondering the relationship to himself, leaning against the counter with a lukewarm bowl of ramen in his hands.

Jongup had looked up slowly from where he had been stirring a mug of freshly brewed hot chocolate, blinking owlishly. “I didn't say anything, hyung.”

Yongguk had shrugged it off when Jongup left the room rather abruptly, throwing him nervous glances over his shoulder, and wondered when his meal had gotten so cold.

At the end of the day, just so everyone knew, if Himchan was in love with Yongguk’s identical twin brother then as far as Bang Yongguk was concerned, that was A-Okay.

It was even okay when he'd walked in on them kissing on Yongguk’s bed, tigger kicked unceremoniously to the floor and Himchan panting against Yongnam’s lips, face flushed. It was okay when Himchan came up to Yongguk in the kitchen and pinched his butt, only laughing apologetically when Yongguk had flinched and bit his own tongue off.

“Sorry, Bbang, I thought you were ‘Nam.”

Maybe some men’s resolve would have been shaken when, after spending the night alone with Yongnam in his room, Himchan had passed Yongguk in the hall the morning after with a look in his eyes, but not Yongguk. It didn't mean anything that Himchan had barely met his eyes and that his cheeks looked ever so slightly pink. He hadn't been acting shifty at all. He definitely hadn't been looking at Yongguk in a new light, thinking anything like, ‘I know exactly what you look like naked now’. Definitely not.

Some men might obsess over that look, but Bang Yongguk would never be so paranoid.

Yongguk was so secure and comfortable with all of this that he was even writing a new song for the next album about how overcoming prejudices would unify Korea and society as a whole. He was just mulling this over over a cup if tea after dumping his ramen when a familiar voice called to him from the doorway.


“I’m Yongguk,” Yongguk did not squawk, turning around so quickly that he almost sloshed the contents of his steaming hot cup all over his hand at the sound of Himchan’s voice.

Himchan, leaning against the doorway in his boxer shorts and an oversized jumper that definitely didn't belong to him, raised his eyebrows slightly. “I know.”

“Right.” Yongguk blew over his tea coolly. “Of course you do.”

Himchan stared at him for a moment longer before seeming to shrug something off, letting out a soft sound of amusement. He padded across the tiled floor and joined Yongguk by the counter, leaning past him to reach for his jar of coffee. Yongguk might have flinched when he did so, but it was only because he didn't want to hinder Himchan’s routine of making his coffee (he was scary without his caffeine). Himchan paused once more but didn't say anything, straightening up and spooning some granules into a mug. Yongguk sipped his tea and they carried on this way in a silence that was in no way awkward. He was a moment away from forging an excuse to go see what cartoon Jongup and Junhong were watching in the next room, when Himchan spoke at last:

“Hey, Yongguk, you're not uncomfortable with me and Yongnam dating, are you?”

Yongguk almost choked on his tea. “What-“

“Because it's okay if you are.” Himchan cut in, shrugging, mug in one hand and spoon in the other. “We should be able to talk about it.”

“When have I ever given you the impression that I’m…uncomfortable with anything?” Yongguk spluttered, setting his cup down on the counter with a little more force than necessary. This time tea did slip over the rim and scald his skin, but he tried not to wince.

Himchan raised his hands slightly as if in mock surrender, looking both amused and slightly perturbed. Yongguk wished he'd go back to making his coffee and leave him alone, as frankly he was feeling very attacked right now, but that process seemed to have been abandoned for the time being. “It's just that you haven't really spoken to me about anything related to Yongnam and if its brought up you just laugh, change the subject and leave the room or just repeat over and over that you're okay with it.”

“You're being paranoid.” Yongguk said, in his best authoritive leader voice. “Now what do you want to eat tonight?”

Himchan just stared at him.

Yongguk just cleared his throat and found it suddenly hard to keep their gazes locked. “Look.” He said, licking his lips. He laughed slightly to stall for time, as he wasn't quite sure what to say when faced with these sudden accusations, and Himchan’s unnervingly dark eyes were trained on him, waiting. “I’m Yongnam’s brother, you're one of my best friends, and when you told me you were dating I couldn't have been more glad. You're great together, that’s obvious to anyone with eyes. I really hope you guys have a long and happy relationship.”

Himchan smiled then, face lighting up rather charmingly, teeth peeking between his lips. “Aww, Yongguk!” He exclaimed, pushing him slightly. “You'll make me cry, you big nerd.”

Yongguk laughed out loud, genuinely then, the feeling bubbling deep from within his chest. “Shut up, idiot.”

Himchan went back to making his coffee, shaking his head and still grinning stupidly, pouring hot water into his mug. Yongguk leant back against the counter once more, relaxing. He'd meant every word of what he'd said. Of course everything was okay. Himchan was such a fool.

“So.” Himchan began, taking a sip of his drink to test it, and then another after deeming it satisfying. Yongguk didn't know how he could drink it black. “You don't think I’m attracted to you or anything, right?”

Yongguk stiffened suddenly. Damn it. “That thought has never crossed my mind,” Yongguk said robotically.

“Really?” Himchan turned to face him, wide eyed and earnest, setting down his drink. He took a step forward and Yongguk cursed himself for pressing himself against a hard place, reminding himself not to lean away. He would be still as stone. Open, accepting, not uncomfortable at all as Himchan advanced closer to him. “Because that would be understandable, you know? I’m dating your twin. Your identical twin. Who I think is very, very attractive. A lot of people in your situation might wonder if I think you're attractive by proxy.”

“Well, they'd- they'd be pretty ignorant.” Yongguk choked out. It was suddenly very hot in the kitchen. He had an urge to tug on his collar but resisted, because Himchan might take that the wrong way and think he was feeling uncomfortable or something.

“Maybe.” Himchan said, shrugging one shoulder laxly. He had one hand clapped on Yongguk’s shoulder and had began to rub it in slow circles. His impossibly dark eyes were staring into his, his front teeth bit down on his lip. “Or maybe it wouldn't be that irrational to wonder if I think about you the same way, if I also like you like that and then, if I’ve always liked you like that.


“Yongguk.” Himchan leant in, closer still, til he was so close that their breaths were mixing together-

“This is wrong!”

Yongguk wrenched away, twisting Himchan around so that he was against the counter and Yongguk could back away, holding his head in his hands. A thousand thoughts where buzzing about his mind, all the worries he'd suppressed rushing to the forefront, the nipping anxieties that he'd tried to push away by rationale of ‘better judgement’ becoming a realisation.

Himchan thought about him naked. Himchan knew what he looked like naked. Himchan was possibly in love him with-

“Geez, Guk, you look like you're going to piss yourself.”

Yongguk froze. The white noise in his ears faded away and all he could hear was Himchan’s raucous laughter coupled by the sound of loud, vigorous clapping, and a snigger that sounded far too familiar from childhood games.

“That was hilarious, Guk. You totally bought that.”

Yongguk twisted around in time to see Yongnam round the corner of the doorway, almost doubled over.

“I hate you both,” Yongguk said, jaw clenched. Yongnam had a shit-eating grin on his face, coming forward to wind an arm around Himchan’s waist, who looked very much the gleeful co-conspirator with his teeth biting down on his fist to contain his amusement and his eyes glittering. “You've been teasing me this whole time.”

“Of course we have.” Himchan snorted. “You think I don't know the difference between your ass and Nam’s? Yours is flat as a washboard.”

“That's weird.” Yongguk said, pinching his nose between his thumb and forefinger. Yongnam leaned over and pecked Himchan on the lips. “This whole thing is weird.”

“Course it is.” Yongnam said, wrapping his free arm around Yongguk’s neck and pulling him roughly into a chokehold. “You'll get used to it.”


Re: Everything Is Totally Normal

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infinite sunggyu/anyone

(Anonymous) 2014-07-28 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
single dad gyu (with yeoljong as his kids please) going on a blind date set up by junhyung

the infinite bunch, g

(Anonymous) 2014-07-28 04:05 pm (UTC)(link)
His blind date hits him with a dazzling smile, "How's the steak?"

"Good." Sunggyu picks up his knife off the side of his plate. "I have two kids," Sunggyu adds, cutting into his steak with his knife, meat juice oozes out of the tender cut. He doesn't look up to see what his blind date thinks since he knows the man sitting in front of him is probably already looking for the exit.

"Oh." A clang of fork against ceramic dinner plate makes Sunggyu turn his eyes upward to the face of his handsome date. "That makes two of us then."

Sunggyu stabs a slice of meat with his fork - he hates using forks. "You have kids?" The idea of Lee Hoya, or so he likes to be called, having kids nearly blows his mind.

"Well, three actually. You want to see some pictures?" Hoya shifts in his seat, pulling a stuffed wallet out of his pants and thumbing through the slots. He hands Sunggyu a series of photographs. "That's Myungsoo, he's the youngest. The boy holding him in that picture is Woohyun, my middle child. And the last picture is Dongwoo my eldest."

"Cute." Not as cute as mine, but still cute. Sunggyu hands the photos back and takes his cell phone out of his pants pocket, "Want to see mine?"

aaaaand that's how they one day all became the infinite bunch \o/

Re: the infinite bunch, g

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mblaq, seungho/anyone

(Anonymous) 2014-07-28 07:44 am (UTC)(link)
i know we don't talk about them much but w/e
the thirst for seunghot is real - other mblaw members or namjars and unnirs from other groups are cool too i just want someone to realise their dream of getting into his pants
plz keep it funny/sexy or both the choice is yours

Re: mblaq, seungho/anyone

(Anonymous) 2014-07-29 09:28 pm (UTC)(link)
i feel like i could have written this back in the day lol

vixx, ravi/n, historical?

(Anonymous) 2014-07-28 11:06 am (UTC)(link)
the ravi is king and n is his wife and hongbin in his first concubine with hyuk as his son and leo as the chief military dude and also n's sekret lover and ken as ravi's kooky brother who abdicated the throne something else idk

someone help me write this

got7, jackson/mark

(Anonymous) 2014-07-29 06:31 pm (UTC)(link)
prince mark, disguised as a commoner, sneaks out of his castle to experience ordinary life. he encounters charming farm boy jackson and is drawn into his world

Re: got7, jackson/mark

(Anonymous) 2014-07-30 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
hmmm i think i can get into this can you elaborate a bit more detail for me anon?

Re: got7, jackson/mark

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Re: got7, jackson/mark

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Re: got7, jackson/mark

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Re: got7, jackson/mark

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Re: got7, jackson/mark

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Re: got7, jackson/mark

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Re: got7, jackson/mark

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Flavor of You, g-ish 1/?

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Re: Flavor of You, g-ish 1/?

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toppdogg, seogoong/ xero

(Anonymous) 2014-07-30 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
seogoong is xero's hot ta and xero wears sexy lingerie underneath his clothes when he goes to seogoong's tutorials :---)

bap, himch

(Anonymous) 2014-08-09 06:15 pm (UTC)(link)
himch as phoenix wright ace attorney

idky but this pic Image just made me think of phoenix wright for some reason