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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

Sunggyu doesn't need a cat boy. He isn't lonely or horny or a slob. He's perfectly content with his life the way it is. At least he thinks so, until he passes the pet shop on the way home and there's a neon pink sign in the window with the word 'NEW' written in sketch lettering. He's never been interested in taking care of something that wouldn't eventually become independent. But he's also never seen the pet shop advertising something other than it's pitiful selection of animals. He enters the small shop and has to adjust to the odd odor.

"Welcome to pet planet, we apologize for the smell we've recently started to carry cat hybrids in our store." So that's what the smell and sign were about.

"I'd like to see your hybrids." The clerks face lights up and he nods enthusiastically before stepping out from behind the counter and leading Sunggyu to display.

"They're all stuck in their cat form, it's a defense mechanism you know. Probably nervous about this new place. But in their human form, they're all male, all well behaved and all very handsome." The last part of the statement he says with a quirked eyebrow.

Sunggyu is quick to shake his hands in protest of any thoughts the clerk might have about his interest. He just wanted to see the cats because of the sign, but he didn't admit that it was an unremarkable sign. That wouldn't attract any attention. Sunggyu just wanted to see the cats but after a conversation with the clerk and playing with the cats he's at the cash register making a purchase of a lot more than he thought it would be. "You better be worth it, you expensive little shit." Sunggyu mutters under his breath, carrier in one hand and bag of goodies for new pet owners in the other.

"Your name is Woohyun?" Sunggyu looks at the cat tilting his head trying to see if the name suits him. He shrugs unable to come up with another alternative.

The first week is rough Woohyun wants to sleep in his bed and eat human food and won't play with any of the toys Sunggyu bought. But he's also funny when he's afraid to fall off the couch behaving as if the small drop will damage him. Or when he jumps into Sunggyu's lap when they watch talent shows, because applause freaks him out. Sunggyu is just getting used to his feline friend when he comes home from work to the sight of an adult man, naked and seated on his sofa. Sunggyu approaches slowly trying to get a look at the man before he sees him.

"Oh hello master. I would like clothing, I would have dressed myself but it seemed rude to enter your room without permission." Woohyun's voice is calm and his smile is cute and the pet shop clerk was right he was well behaved and attractive.

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