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Re: infinite, sunggyu/anyone, catboy

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♥ you are lovely anon you don't even have too ;-; i will give you some art in return

purpose, pg

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Sunggyu loves his life, he wouldn't trade it for anything. Loyal friends, good meals sometimes and freedom. It's better than those pampered cats who live for their masters and never set foot outside the high rises they live in. He hasn't bothered to change into his human form in a while. It's easier as a cat, no need for a home or job. He can just get by on scraps and stoops. It's enough he thinks as he settles down under the tin shelter behind the dumpling shop with a nice fish bone.

"What are you doing out here?" Another cat ask him. Sunggyu gives him an offended glance as if it isn't obvious. "They're starting a neighborhood effort to clean up this area. Apparently we're part of the trash." Sunggyu hasn't heard anything about getting rid of the hybrids, though he has noticed the restaurants have been more strict in tying up their garbage and he practically has to wind himself around the ankles of pedestrians to get so much as a scratch behind the ears.

"Follow me, there is an old warehouse we can hide in." Sunggyu just wants to relax and enjoy his snack but he decides to follow the cat. They're parading down the streets when suddenly the animal control come out. Sunggyu makes a dash for it but ends up trapped in the net he hisses at the other cat that laughs at him. Sunggyu realizes it was a set up and purrs angrily. The other cat shifts into his human for and coos at him mockingly. "No hard feelings, everyone has to earn their keep." Sunggyu takes a swipe at his face before he's tossed in a cage and headed to the pound.

"No diseases, no parasites, no disabilities. He appears to be in perfect health mid twenties, we don't know exactly how his human form looks. He can't change and he was captured in such a traumatic way, we doubt he will be able to do so for a while." Sunggyu doesn't make a sound as the veterinarian describes his condition to a man. He wants desperately to shift into his human form but he can't seem to do it, despite his effort. "We'll take him, he's the best to come in recently." The veterinarian nods and lets Sunggyu out sticking him on a leash and passing it to the man.

And that's how Sunggyu ends up in a pet shop window with a obnoxiously large pink bow tied around his neck. When the other cats catch wind of it he ends up as the laughing stock of neighborhood. All his friends stopping by to gawk at how pretty he is with clean fur and short nails. Sunggyu knows it's going to be a long time before he can shift again. He's been at the pet shop for nearly a month before a customer pays him attention.

"Oh master he's so cute, look at his fur!" Sunggyu ignores the annoying voice figuring they're speaking about another cat. Until a human crouches in front of him causing him to jump back a few feet. The human had ears and tail that he's currently using to tap on the display glass and Sunggyu realizes it's a hybrid. And judging by the golden bell on a purple ribbon around his neck he's one of the annoying rich ones. Sunggyu would rather spend the rest of his life in the pet shop than be forced to live with someone like that.

"Are you sure Sungjong, he's a rescue. He could have come from anywhere." Sunggyu looks up at the man accompanying the hybrid he's handsome and his hands look soft he raises up on his hind legs and nuzzles his head in the palm. "He likes you master! We can't just leave him here!" Sunggyu quickly pulls away from the touch and retreats to the corner. "Look Sungjong, he doesn't even know how to behave." "I can teach him!" And Sunggyu wishes he was human just so he could roll his eyes at the look Sungjong gives his master. "Fine he's your companion." Sungjong picks Sunggyu up and carries him to the cash register.

Sunggyu has been living with them for two weeks and he has to admit the consistent meals and water supply are nice. But the way Sungjong foils any attempt he makes to get close to his master is quite annoying. Sunggyu wants his head petted by those soft hands and to curl up on master's lap and be stroked absentmindedly but Sungjong won't allow it. In fact he's stuck him in his carrier quite a few times. "I know you can shift, stop being annoying at let me see your face. Unless you're an ugly street cat and think we'll throw you out." Sungjong towers over him with a glare.

Sunggyu shifts a week later randomly while he's watching the funniest audition of his life on the floor in front of the television while master and Sungjong are seated on the sofa. "Oh my, Sunggyu." Master says clearly surprised. Sungjong's expression is unreadable and Sunggyu is quite smug. "You need a haircut." Sungjong says looking to master for agreement. "His hair is fine, every part of him is fine." His master says trailing eyes over his body and Sunggyu realizes he's nude. "Uh clothes please master." "Sungjong get his clothes." The man orders not taking his attention off Sunggyu.

Over the next week they learn every detail of his life and Sungjong cries when he talks about living on the street because he 'couldn't imagine not having a purpose, he was created with a purpose'. Master isn't as touched by his story but offers to let him return to that life it it's what he wants. Sunggyu doesn't think he could go back, he was afraid to let someone care, because he never had someone to care. But knowing them both had made him embrace that he was meant to be pampered and watched over.

i feel like this isn't what you wanted

Re: purpose, pg

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anon ide really know what i wanted but this is so cute ;; and sunggyu just wanted to have a home ;~; i imagined the master was woohyun <3

Re: purpose, pg

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every part of him is fine.