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Re: bap/other, yongguk, himchan/yongnam

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It was strange, almost a bit like seeing himself kissing his bandmate. Not that he had ever thought his identical brother looked exactly like him. In Yongguk's mind they were both as distinct as fraternal brothers could be. Yet, why did he keep toying with the idea in his mind that it was him instead of Yongnam making out with Himchan on the latter's bed?

When he first found out Himchan was into guys he wasn't bothered by the revelation itself but rather by the flutter he felt in his stomach. It was a familiar flutter he had felt only a few times in his life like when he met Jiyeon. They had gone out and it was going great but something did not feel quite right, just like in all his prior relationships. He hadn't gone out with any other girl since her. Everyone had said they were perfect together. Even Daehyun who rarely said anything to Yongguk at all dared to slip the compliment one day when he saw them going out to lunch together. He didn't know why he could never make it last and that had always been a problem in his love life.

"Are you going to keep staring at us bro?" said Yongnam startling his brother from his thoughts. "You two should find somewhere to do that instead of the room we share," Yongguk said staring at Himchan. "I like the comfort of my own red silk sheets what can I say?" he responded with a smirk.
"Hey Yongguk we're going out in five you coming?" Youngjae hollered from the hallway bathroom. Next thing they knew he was at Yongguk and Himchan's doorway pulling his tee on and shaking his still wet hair from the shower he just took. Yongnam couldn't help taking an extended glance of the fresh off the shower body. Himchan never failed to notice Yongnam's wandering eye and frowned at him as he usually did.

"Oh... hi Yongnam," Youngjae said awkwardly.
"Hi Prince Jae."
"That nickname again," thought Youngjae, "so Bang are you going?"
"I don't think so i'm going to have fun of the intimate sort with the bf tonight," answered Yongnam and swiftly placed a kiss on the temple of a still frowning Himchan.
"You know who I meant," answered Youngjae with a sardonic look.
"Ah, I like how your mouth twists up like that when you get pissy Prince Jae."
"Bye," answered said pissy prince.
"Hold up I'm coming too," Yongguk muttered.

The night air was brisk and refreshing as the four stepped out unto it.
"Daehyun why do you wear those pants all the time?" Youngjae asked.
"That's the zillionth time you have asked me that but I guess I'll tell you. These, he said with a flourish of his hands over the pants, are my "get lucky" pants."
"Haha you have got to be kidding me."
"No joke I score every time I wear them."
"Really?" Jongup asked.
"Yes, really, and it just so happens I have gotten with the best looking chicks when I've happened to wear them."

All the while Yongguk kept thinking about the two they had left behind in his room. It was something he both didn't want to think about yet couldn't help to think about. When they got to Club Midnight Yongguk went directly to the bar while Daehyun and Youngjae made a beeline to a couple of girls they spotted dancing with each other in the middle of the dance floor. Jongup stood on the dance floor swaying to the beat waiting for his dancer friends who were to meet up with him in a half hour. As Yongguk sipped his drink he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. "Himchan" flashed the screen. "Hello." "Hey, can we go get a coffee or something?" "Right now?" "Yes, right now please." Yongguk was surprised at the tone of voice and much more at the word "please" he had come to think the word was unknown in Himchan's vocabulary.

Twenty minutes later they were facing one another sitting at a small table in Rising Sun cafe."I shouldn't have gotten that angry at your brother," Himchan said chuckling to himself. "But it wasn't cause of the way he looked at Youngjae tonight. He does that crap all the time with different guys and I don't care. I mean if anything I think it's hot. The truth is I couldn't stop thinking about you and the reason as to why you stared at us."

"Did I really stare that long?" asked Yongguk.
"You have a really strong gaze."
"Huh… you do too." Yongguk said making a crooked smile.
"So I made a fuss to get away from him though I'm not going to lie it does bother the ol' ego whenever he flirts with other people."
"Why did you want to get away from him?"
"Well, I can't fuck him while I'm thinking about his brother."
"It wouldn't be a stretch."
"Yeah but you two are completely different." He's very chill, flirtatious... while you are well, you.
"What am I?" Yongguk said as Himchan closed the distance between them.
"Well you are the strong silent type, reserved, talented, a true go-getter. Everything I admire in a man and I'm sorry to say your brother has none of those qualities."
"Then why are you with him?"
"Well, like you said it's not a stretch… were you jealous?"
"Of what?"
"Of your brother kissing me. Were you standing there imagining it was you instead of him?"
Yongguk's head had been bowed down the whole time staring at his coffee cup. Lifting his head up slightly looking up beneath his bangs he answered, "what if I said yes?"

a/n: i felt all kind of awk writing this but there it is

Re: bap/other, yongguk, himchan/yongnam

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Re: bap/other, yongguk, himchan/yongnam

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thanks for writing this anon, it was bound to be awkward, but i like it. awkward banghim is awkward.
i'm curious about where jello was hanging out while all the hyungrs were out clubbing.
nam flirting with jae and jae not having any of it was great, as well dae's get lucky pants.