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post your prompts / make some fills
write / art
yadda yadda blah blah
do whatever the hell else you want!
but follow the rules ofc ಠ_ಠ


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i don't know what this is, maybe not actually what you wanted

sunggyu really regrets ever saying yes to looking after hojong's pet cat. he's met the cat a few times before and it was very well behaved. never jumping on the furniture, eating the food that jongie makes him and takes his baths when told. so how is it that he now has a lap full of a gigantic catboy playing pokemon who hasn't bathed in two days and refuses to eat anything but fried chicken and chocolate?


"yeol? sungyeol? let's take a bath hmm? it's been a few days since you've bathed. don't you feel dirty?" always best to try to be polite first.

"nah it's cool, i've licked myself clean"



"cats clean themselves by licking at their bodies therefore i've licked myself clean. i'm clean"

"everywhere? i'm pretty sure you can't lick your back or....other places" stopstopstop don't imagine things gyu.

"ok, maybe not my back, but my most important bits are clean, so i don't really feel dirty. i'll just take a proper bath before my masters come pick me up. you cool?"

omigawd, no, what? whatwhatwhat? stopstopstop! do not go there, don't ask. don'taskdon'taskdon'task.

"no i'm not really cool. can i see how you clean yourself? you know hoya and jongie did ask me to take care of you and i need to make sure you're actually clean." what are you doing mouth? did you not listen to brain?

"hmm...sure. masters always watch when i clean myself anyway. but can we do it on your bed? it's more comfy than doing it on the couch or the floor and i feel really tired after."

this is a mistake gyu don't do it.

"sure, save your game and let's go" mouth stop talking!


sunggyu really regrets looking after hojong's pet cat, but he also kinda really wants to look after him again.

Re: pg13?

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omg pls write sequel

Re: pg13?

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this is gud and perfectly fine for the prompt and oooo rare pair gyuless
is that naughty hojong briinging useless into their bed for kinky sexy times i spy :o!!

Re: pg13?

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bathtime r

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finally sungyeol was having his first proper bath while staying with sunggyu. only he wasn't really bathing, just sitting in the tub not doing anything.

"sunggyu? aren't you getting in?"


"why would i get in with you? you're suppose to be washing yourself now. also call me sunggyu-nim, remember?"

"but masters usually get into the tub with me when it's bath time. gyu."

what? that wasn't on the to do list that hoya left. also they need to teach sungyeol some manners.

"well, how about i just wash you from outside the tub? and it's gyu-nim."

"i prefer when masters are in the tub with me so get in the tub with me. please? pretty pretty please? please gyugyu?"

gyugyu? grrr...hoya and sungjong are sooo going to die. he already can't be in the bedroom without getting hard just thinking about sungyeol and now the bathroom too. shit. he's already half hard just watching sungyeol sitting in the tub. but...since sungyeol's asked, with a pretty pretty please, might as well get in.

"um...ok...but where would i sit? you're kinda really long."

"behind me of course!"

of course! silly gyugyu.

"ok, so...just don't look at me while i get undressed."

this is an even worse idea than watching sungyeol clean himself...repeatedly. stepping into the tub sungyeol scoots up a bit to give space to sunggyu and then scoots back onto sunggyu's lap. definitely the worse idea ever 'cause now sungyeol's ass is on top of his erection. breathe gyugyu breathe, try to calm down. sungyeol doesn't seem to mind.

"gyu you can start washing me now, i don't want to get too pruney."

"oh, yea, sure"

taking the shampoo gyu starts washing sungyeol's hair, rinses and then proceeds to grab a sponge and bodywash to clean his body. he notices sungyeol let out a little giggle when his chest was being washed, but he didn't think too much about it. sunggyu washes sungyeol's body except for his butt and dick.

"all done sungyeol. let's get out."

"but gyugyu, you didn't finish."

"'ve cleaned your important bits enough we don't have to wash it."

"no, not my important bits, but here."

and sungyeol proceeds to grab his right hand and place his index finger directly on his butt hole. oh man...why did he agree to look after sungyeol again? and what the fuck are hoya and sungjong teaching sungyeol?

Re: bathtime r

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omg hojong are dirty what have they been teaching useless this whole time?????????????? i hope your vision in mind involves gyuless fucking in the bathtub. someguy can clean useless with his dick 8D