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bap, youngjae/zelo, ALMOST underage sex

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the only present jello wants for his 18th bday is to lose his ~virginity at 00:00 on the dot, and with youngj... but will j oblige? it's left up to you to decide, o writer

party, r

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Zelo wants a very chill birthday, his friends, a few drinks, some music and maybe a nice meal. If everyone isn't whining about how broke they are and trying to pin the tab on someone. That is all he requires for a good time to bring in his eighteenth year.

That is until he sees Youngjae at the magazine shoot, shirtless, glistening and probably going commando under the jeans he's wearing. Then he starts wanting so much more. He realizes he's staring when he sees a few women on the staff laughing at him. He walks off and goes to make a wish to whoever brings little girls ponies on their birthdays or an xbox to poor kids.

A week later it's his birthday and after dinner the plan is to drink at this bar his friends frequently, owner doesn't care about underage drinking as long as there are a few girls for him to gawk at. Zelo has the guest list all figured out. He had been trying to bring the party up to Youngjae all week but each time the other got distracted, or he got distracted and here it was an hour before the festivities and he hadn't invited him yet.

He goes into the restaurant bathroom to call. A few rings and the other male picks up. "I was having dinner with a few friends for my birthday, if you're not busy maybe you could stop by." The other takes a while to respond before he agrees. Zelo gives him the location all while smiling and he's thankful that he didn't ask him face to face and risk looking like an idiot.

Youngjae shows up half way through dinner but by then almost everyone is drunk anyway and Zelo doubts they're going to make it to the bar with out collapsing into a pile on the street. Youngjae refused any alcohol and instead started everyone on reminscing on the birthdays they had spent with Zelo. After the 3rd tripping face first into the cake story Zelo is over it and suggest heading to the bar.

The walk there Youngjae and Zelo hang back and talk. Zelo is intoxicated but not stumbling drunk so he leans comfortably into Youngjae without leaning his entire body weight on him. His face is hot both from the alcohol and the fact that he's covering every part of his body aside from his eyes to make sure he isn't caught on this outing.

After more drinking and a fierce debate over who was rejected by the unremarkable girl in middle school someone suggesting heading back to one of his friend's apartments to break out the lie detector. Everyone is too drunk to disagree so once again they're off in the night. Zelo is being carried, by a girl no less, the soles of his shoes dragging against the ground and Youngjae knows they cause quite a bit of money so he offers to carry him instead.

Youngjae thinks Zelo is passed out or sleeping but is surprised when he starts mumbling against his neck. It tickles but he doesn't mind it and just sets him down in the elevator. The lie detector game is short lived before the lights go down and the music starts playing and everyone pairs off in corners off the room. Youngjae thinks it's awkward but doesn't mind Zelo sleeping in his lap.

At least he didn't mind until he felt a hand under his shirt, and Zelo fumbling with his jeans. He wonders where it's coming from, but decides not to draw attention to them with everyone else present. "Up." Zelo whispers and Youjae raises his hips and tugs his pants down a little before sitting down again. Zelo is stroking him and it's something about doing teh audience that is arousing. Youngjae thinks he's just getting a hand job until he feels the other pushing his shirt up and lips against the tip.

By the time he's close to orgasm Youngjae is biting the armrest and has his hands clasped tightly together in an effort to keep from letting out a sound. When he comes Zelo licks him clean and he wonders if it's actually his birthday. The other male climbs into his lap kissing his neck before whispering. "Fuck me." And Youngjae looks at him like he's insane. A discreet blowjob in a room full of strangers is one thing, sex is another. "You're drunk." Youngjae says gently pushing him off his lap. Only to lean into his ear and whisper. "Maybe for christmas."

sorry if this is totally ooc, i know nothing about them ;;

Re: party, r

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anon this was qt and not too far off in characterization tbh \o/ i liked how you wrote determined jello throwing himself at youngjae (trying very hard to be the responsible one), it was qtt