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post your prompts / make some fills
write / art
yadda yadda blah blah
do whatever the hell else you want!
but follow the rules ofc ಠ_ಠ

Re: dog days, NC-17

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you forgot to fill the grape feeding part of the prompt

Re: dog days, NC-17

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dog days, NC-17 (2/?)

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slore and penis fell back on the soft sheets, sweaty but contented. "penis, i'd like some water," slore said in a voice hoarse from their afternoon activities.

"okay!" penis replied promptly, bounding off to get it. he returned with a tall glass, condensation beading on the side, and also, a bowl of plump green grapes.

"good boy," slore said, approval warming his voice. he reached for the glass, and after a greedy gulp of water, opened his mouth again. without prompting, penis slid a grape between his lips. slore bit into it with gusto, tart and sweet suffusing his mouth, and when he'd eaten half of the grape he leaned across to catch penis' mouth in a kiss.

Re: dog days, NC-17 (3/?)

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kissing penis reminded slore of the steps that started their relationship down the path it follwed today.

slore loved penis in a way his chaebol family would never understand. they took penis into their house when slore was young. his dad handed him a fluffy golden retriever and said, "here son, this is your new servant. his name is penis."

penis had yipped in his arms and almost peed on his clothing because he was too excited. it didn't take long for slore to realize that his new dog was actually a shapeshifting young boy, which was great bc he wanted a friend.

the fluffy ears of penis' head perked up, and slore smiled at the sight. penis was just too damn cute.